Advice on Demand – good advice when you need it

We, Jeanette Fors-Andrée and Paul Ronge, are among Sweden’s most in-demand crisis management experts and media advisers. We have decades of experience in this field and have written books and taught countless courses on the subject. 

In recent years, we have noticed a clear trend: companies and organisations need good advice increasingly quickly, ideally straight away. 

The Internet, news sites and social media are spinning events out of control at breakneck speed, 24/7. What happens in the first few hours often determines whether a crisis quickly becomes a direct threat to a company or organisation. The most serious crises are self-inflicted, and, as we have seen so often, wrong decisions can have devastating consequences.  

Companies and organisations do not have time to convene snail-like working groups or set up new teams when they need to act rapidly. Even communications departments can be blind to their own faults, all too often resulting in denial and paralysis.

Our most important advantage is our speed, which we have acquired through having managed so many different kinds of crises and media scrutiny in virtually every industry. With our long experience but different perspectives, genders and ages, our advice is more than twice as effective. Plus, we love working together, and we make a great team.

That is why we are now launching our joint offering: ‘Minutrådet’.

This is an exclusive offering. You can hire us for up to three hours. We advise on everything from shaping messaging for an important business event to handling a genuine media crisis. Whether you are a management team or an internal communications officer wanting a second opinion, we can help your company or organisation when it is at its weakest and most vulnerable. We do not mind if you already have a PR agency or if it is a one-off assignment. We are also happy to meet you wherever, or if you prefer, we can do it digitally. 

We guarantee that you will leave your first 3-hour meeting with suitable advice. We know from experience how crucial it is to do the right things quickly. That is why good advice is also quick advice. Our offering will help more leaders, companies and organisations avoid a crisis of trust. Getting it right from the start can reduce the risk of a crisis or media scrutiny turning into a full-blown scandal.

We look forward to hearing from you!

In the Swedish magazine Resumé you can read more about the joint offering. You can also find the joint offering in Swedish here.

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